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Foley Catheterization Tray FCT01

These sterile kits are ldeal for self-catheterization training or for when disposal of urine is not readily available,It is designed to have all the necessary components packaged in one user friendly system.

Descripción del producto

Product name:Foley Catheterization Tray    Code No.:FCT01

Product Description:Foley Catheterization Tray

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Foley Catheterization Tray


Características del producto

FCT01 Component
1 Foley Catheter,14Fr
1 Urinary Drainage Bag with Anti-reflux Drip Chamber
1 Pre-filled 10ml Syringe of Sterile Water
2 Dry Swabs
1 Vinyl Powder-free Gloves
1 Waterproof drape,Under pad
1 Fenestrated Drape
1 Lubricating jelly.5g/Packing.Water Soluble
3 Povidong-lodine Swab sticks,3 Pieces/Packing
1 Specimen Container,4OZ

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